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Welcome to Family Flower Shop, your one stop shop for medical hemp oils, cannabis flower, concentrates and much more. We pride ourselves on knowledge of all our products, and the wide variety of different flowers and byproducts. Whether you need a ointment for joint pain, or a joint for knee pain, we have you covered. We all deserve the best, here is where you get it!

Throughout history cannabis has been used for medical, recreational and spiritual purposes. Though the origin of marijuana and uses remain debatable, it’s presence have been know for a time. Images found on pottery from the Yangshao-era 6200 BC, show our plant we know and love, displayed proudly on pottery. It’s believed, that emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BC, used marijuana for its medicinal properties, to offset the pain of ancient medical procedures. In ancient India there are religions dating back to 1000BC, that would enjoy milled hemp leaves mixed into an infusion, taken orally, a practice known as Bhang. In our native culture, there have been many medicines deemed unnecessary in modern civilization, from Cannabis to Mullein, Peyote to Ayahuasca. These herbs have been sacred to many tribes and our way of life. Predating, 6200BC and continued on in present day 2022AD, our earth provides all we need.

Let us help you enjoy these aging traditions!


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